Testing brushes for Princeton Art & Brush Co

I was recently contacted by Princeton Art & Bruch co, to test out a new line of brushes and had a blast doing it!

The event took place at the Hilton hotel and I got to spend the day alongside 7 other great aartists, just painting and testing out some new brush lines and providing my feedback on what I liked and disliked of them all.

Some of the brushes I was given to take home that day, and in the background all of the paintings I've done using their line of brushes

It was a great time and I am so grateful to Princeton for having choosen me and especially for having them support my work by gifting me a ton of brushes! I've been using Princeton bruches for a long time in all of my paintings so when I was contacted I jumped at the opportunity.

Below are the brushes they sent me as a gift and I am itching to put them to good use! the catalyst series is just beautiful! I almost don't want to use them, but I wont be able to resist..LOL

This was my first shipment of free brushes from Princeton, aren't they beautiful! :)