The Super Duper show

Had an absolute blast at the Super Duper show this weekend at the Super Wonder gallery. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love anything to do with comic books, super heroes and super villains (super stoked for the new X-men movie coming out!)

Got to catch up with friends and take in all of the awesome artwork at the show, its incredible to see so many different interpretations of the same characters from different artists in their own unique style all in one place.

I was super surprised to meet the Gorgeous Cat Solomon who was dressed up as Jessika Rabbit, because she looked so much like my painting of Poison Ivy that I just had to ask if she would pose with my painting and of course with me.

I also had a little interview with the awesome people of "Artists Unknown" regarding my super creations for the show and my inspiration behind them, which will be coming out soon. so stay tuned for updates.

PS: I just noticed how many times i used the word "super" in this post, I really need to expand my vocabulary..LOL