The RAW:BOLD Show experience

I have to say I was really nervous about doing the RAW:BOLD show, because I am kinda shy when it comes to having to stand in front of people and present myself as an artist, it's always a nerve wrecking experience having my work on display, but at the same time I had a BLAST!!

It's a great experience to talk to people about what I do and why and have people ask you why you created a certain piece or the meaning behind them, its a much more personal experience where you actually get the time to talk to people who enjoy art and want to know more about me and my work.

There were tons of people and it was great to see a lot of familiar faces as well as fans from my instagram and Facebook pages that I have never met before in real life, Im zoo appreciative of everyone that came out and all my friends and family that helped me get setup and take everything done at the end of the night because I was really tired!! LOL

It was definitely a night jam packed full of great artists, music and energy and Im really glad I did it.

Here are some pictures from the event I hope you enjoy them.