The making of - Mayhem

So this piece was kinda spur of the moment piece, I was moving some things in my studio, and say a sheet of watercolor paper that I has used for previous pieces to test out color combinations, and saw a mix of blues and blacks that resembled something like thundery clouds.

With this in mind, I pulled out my watercolor block, and decided to also setup my cameras so I could record the process in hopes of making another video, the last one I made for my piece "The wait" got a lot of shares and some great comments so seeing as how much people liked that video, I wanted to try to make another.

I started out with the sketch which was very simple, a man with a stern look who would be facing what would eventually be the colorful clouds portion.

I added the first layers of skin color to have a base to work with and shape the face.

Then I started with the light washes for the lips and eyes. I always use multiple glazes of paint on the lips and eyes, to create depth, I always try to make the eyes the focal point for any piece, because to me its what captures a person and helps show what the character is feeling.

I start adding in light washes of yellow and blue to different areas of the face to breakup the skin tone a bit and make it look more like real skin.

Once I have him to the point where he's only missing shadows, highlights and specific details, I pull out my size 20 round brush and start with the wash of what will be the thundery clouds.

I let the watery paint drip and simply continue to build up colors and let them mix on the wet paper until I like what I have. I let some paint build up in certain spots and then blow on them to get a spider web effect, and then drip paint from my brush onto the paper to create some spots.

Now that all that's done, I finish up on the details, darken my darks, and use a white gel pen to create the bright white highlights on the lips, noes and eyes.

And here is the finished piece.


So now that he is all done, I start to download the footage from my camera onto my MacBook and load them into IMovie which takes forever!!! LOL

I decided on the song "Till it's gone" by Yelawulf, because 1) I think it went well with the characters expression and feelings and 2) I love it!!.

I cropped and cut, added effects and transitions, adjusted color etc, until I came up with something I was happy with.

Now after creating the video in IMovie, I got a copy of Final cut pro and decided to try that out, since I hadn't published this piece or the video yet, I thought I would try remaking the video entirely in FCP and I'm soooo glad I did!.

Gotta say, I love FCP, its just amazing and gives you absolute control over every aspect of your video, effects, transitions etc, and with that said, the official video for "Mayhem" was born. 

You can check out the video on my facebook page ( on the videos section of my website, or my you tube channel. by using the below button, go ahead, click it, you know you want to ;)


I really hope you like it and let me know what you think! :)