My visit to Nuvango

Main lobby

So I was looking into opening a new online store for my artwork and came across Nuvango (formerly Gelaskins) I was really glad to see if that they are based out of Canada which is where I currently live, so I shoot them off an email asking about their operation.

They got back to me within the hour and invited me down to Toronto to check out their headquarters and see the process of how the products are made.

Photo shoot setup.

We got to the Junction area of Toronto and found the Nuvango building which used to be an old pasta factory (Christine actually showed us an old sticker that is still stuck on my of the wooden pillars in the building as a keepsake) my first impression was WOW! the whole layout was very modern yet rustic and just had a great vibe to it.

Christine came out to great us and we sat for a bit in the main lobby to talk about what they do and how they do it and then went for a tour around the plant.

The first room we checked out was the staging area where they do the photo shoots for the products and got to see some of the finished apparel pieces up close and personal. They were all very well made, and beautifully printed so that was already a plus in my book.

To think this is how they all start out, like blank canvases



Next she took us downstairs to where the phone cases, skins and prints are made, Its really cool to see the cases all white like a blank canvas waiting for artwork to be put on them and the skins coming fresh off the printer, and I was glad to learn that they actually make their own supports for the canvas prints and really pay close attention to detail.

She then took us to where the Apparel is made and showed us how they organize all of the different product in clearly marked bins so that they can be pulled, layed down on the workstation with the artwork to be printed underneath and then use a giant press like machine that actually transfers the ink of the print into the fabric so that it won't fade or peel.

Some amazing artwork on these walls!

We walked through the sewing plant where all of the pieces are meticulously sewn by a team of experts, and then through the pick pack area where all of the orders are pulled and prepped for shipping.

on our way back up to the main lobby area we stopped to admire some of the artwork they had hanging there from some awesome artists, a few of which I admire.

Christine was great, super friendly and knowledgable and really made us feel welcome. It was a great experience and I'm really looking forward to launching my online store with them and becoming part of the Nuvango team.

The were nice enough to give me some samples of their products with my work on them and I got to say, they are awesome quality!!

My online store is now up and running so feel free to check it out, just click the button below. go ahead, I dare you ;)