The making of - The wait

Ericas eye

So This piece was a random spur of the moment kind of thing, I woke up in the morning with a text from my best friend Erica, who had sent me a picture of her eye, I know this sounds weird, LOL, but I have a fascination with eyes and ask people I know, to send me pictures of them for references and for a project I have in mind for the future.

Now getting things like this from my my friend Erica is pretty standard, although usually its a text with a "brilliant" idea she has for a painting I should do, which usually reads something like.

I was thinking, you should do a painting of a thing, that’s like detailed, but then a smaller thing thats inside the thing, with more detail, but is a piece of the thing

 LOL, I know, I know VERY specific, and that is actually a literal translation from spanish to english of one of her texts. But I love when she sends me those kind of texts because she always has some idea she wants to share with me (and sometimes I get a good laugh out of it too)

my setup

So, with this Picture,I got inspired to do something along the lines of golds, yellows, greens and blues.

I went into my studio and walked past my camera and tripods and thought to myself "huh, maybe I'll record it this time" It had been a very long time since I had recorded one of my paintings from start to finish and made a speed painting video, so with that said, I took my small camera and my gorilla tripod, attached it to the lamps I have on my workbench and I setup my floor standing tripod and put my large camera to my side,


Pulled out some watercolour paper and my paints, lit some incense and a candle (which are must haves for me when painting) and started on the sketch.

I made a simple sketch because I knew I wanted the main focus on the eyes and colour, and start with the first few washes of skin tone.

Now throughout the process, the camera actually became loose on my tripod and knocked me on the head pretty good, so lots of love and profanity went into this piece ;)


I then started with light washes on the lips, eyes, hands and dabs of colour here and there to recover from my near concussion.

The one thing I love about watercolour, is the  way the painting just starts to come out of the paper as you paint, its like sometimes what I'm painting was always there, just hidden, and I'm simply removing the white of the paper with my brush until you can see what was always there in plain sight.

I continue to carve away at the paper until I can see her coming to life, and then begin on the details like the eyelashes, iris, wrinkles in the lips etc.



Lastly I pull out a large round brush and simply start adding colours and doing whatever feels right to create all of the colourful bits and drips on the sides of her hands and face.

Below you can see the finished piece.

The wait

So now, that she's done, it's was time to take all of the videos from my cameras and import them into my iMovie to start the speed painting process.

right off the bat I knew I wanted the song "Youth" by the band Daughter, I heard it a while back and loved it and then just got addicted to a lot of the bands songs. I always like to try to use songs that are not overly popular or billboard hits, because its normally the kind of music I listen to.

I had a few issues with the video editing, iMovie decided to fight me half way through the process and freeze on me, so I had to step away from my Macbook so I wouldn't ever so gently through it off my balcony for it to get some fresh air.

I really enjoy making these videos and its actually a really cool experience for me too, because normally, I get so into the painting that I don't really remember the exact way it came to life, so when I watch the video myself its like "huh, that's what I did"

Well I have posted the video on my website, youtube channel, Facebook, and... Well you get the point :) but you can use the button below to see it, so feel free to check it out and give me your feedback! I really appreciate hearing from you and what your thoughts are.