Face painting and balloon animals - Mya's 4th Birthday

Mya with her purple puppy face paint

This past week was my Niece Mya's 4th birthday (wow she's getting big) and to celebrate, my older sister organized a party for her at a local rec centre in the city they live. This years theme was pirates and fairies from one of her favourite cartoons.

so for this very special occasion, Mya, (while visiting my moms place for the week) came to me and asked "Would you do face painting and balloons for my birthday party" and of course, how could I possibly say no to her.

I had done face painting and balloon animals for my best friends daughters birthday last year, so I already knew what to pick up and what roughly to expect doing it the second time around.

My face paint setup and some balloon friends

So after I landed from my trip to Montreal, I went to the store with Jamie to pick up some balloons and face paints to be ready for the next day. I got a great set of face paints from Michaels, that had a good variety of colours, shimmers and paint crayons, the brand was Snazaroo.

We got to the party and started to setup the paints and supplies at a table so I could begin with the live entertainment and the lineup of children begun..LOL.

I started out with the first few who wanted their faces painted and amongst the most popular choices were Pirates, butterflies, puppies, cats and rainbows, between the painting, I also had to make balloon animals for the kids as they would come up to me asking for different things, There's always that one kid that as opposed to asking for a dog, cat, flower, sword, or something typical,  will ask you for something like spongebob squarepants or spiderman...LOL and that's a bit out of my league when it comes to ballon figures at the moment so I have to try to make them something else they will like.

I tried to grab a few bites of food as quickly as I could between face painting and the balloons because I wanted to make sure I got all the kids done before the party was over, because of course, the show must go on.

It's very awkward to have to paint a childs face, because you need to be extra careful with the eyes and sometimes the brushes and sponges tickle. They can also move on you making you put done the paint incorrectly and then having to fix it. I'm used to working on paper made for painting or canvas and with that, I never have to worry about brushing too hard, scratching, itching etc. because luckily, it can't complain, LOL (or sue you) But on a childs face, I'm always worried about them moving and my wrist slipping or poking someones eye out, so I tend to go very slow, luckily, everyone behaved great and didn't cause me any grief during the process.

It was a very fun time and I enjoy being able to do things like this to give a party a little special touch, I have now become the official entertainer for my friends and families children's birthdays.

 Hey, maybe my calling in life is to be a clown for kids parties... Nah, on second thought, definitely not.

No children were hurt in the making of this blog :)