Meeting the awesome Lora Zombie

So, I was lucky enough to go to Lora Zombie's one night art show "Unicorn Comet" last weekend in downtown Toronto.

I was actually really nervous to meet her, so I went with Jamie and my best friend Erica who were there to help me from making a fool of myself and giggling like a little school girl when meeting her (sometimes you just need that moral support....don't think it helped much though)

I guess this is how people feel when they meet a movie star or something..LOL


Gotta have the selfie shot with Lora

It was awesome to be able to chat with her a bit and especially get to see all of her work up close, she is one of my favourite artists, a real inspiration, and helped me want to share my work publicly and become an artist.

Her work is even more incredible up close and in person, and Im so glad I got to see it for myself.

Here are some more pictures from that night, so...Yeah, enjoy :)



PS: No idea what my face is doing in some of these pictures, so don't ask..LOL :)