The Pancakes and booze show

Banana & chocolate chip pancakes anyone ?

So this was a new concept of artshow for me, with your $5.00 cover, guests could enjoy unlimited pancakes, browse all the great art by local talented artists and enjoy some booze at the cash bar.

The venue was fantastic, it was held in the Opera house in Toronto, which is a very cool building.

The turnout was amazing! there were people lining up around the block outside to get into the event and once the doors opened, it was jam packed! there was barely any space to stand, but I guess all in all thats a really good thing!.

It was awesome to have some time to hang out and catch up with some of my artist friends, it makes it a lot more enjoyable when you start to get to know and become friends with artists from past shows, because it's a great experience to talk to people you don't know about your work but feels a lot more comfortable when you have some familiar faces around.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and chatted with me during the event and to the people who took home prints with them, it was also great to see people for a second or third time from previous shows and hear about how my work is hanging in their homes, thats always an incredible feeling to know a little part of me is now with them ( I know that sounds creepy but I mean it in a very nice way LOL)

Here are some pictures of the night, hope you enjoy :)