Harvest festival at shops at Don Mills

I was lucky enough to be invited last Sunday to participate in the Harvest festival held at shops at Don Mills by the awesome Sarah Terrill

I was a bit worried when I get there to setup with Jaime, because it was raining a bit, cold and windy and this was an outdoor event held in the square of Don Mills so we had to be prepared for anything.

We got the grid setup with all the original paintings then the table setup with prints and posters and patiently awaited for people to start to arrive.

Luckily the sky cleared up, the rain stopped and the sun came out which was fantastic, the wind however was totally out to get me that day.

Me being interviewed by Rogers TV

After about 1 hour of the event beginning people began to roll in, pick up there pumpkins, listen to the great live music and browse all the artists and vendors booths. I was interviewed by Rogers TV which was pretty cool too.

the wind was so strong, it kept blowing over my prints and making my paintings flap in the wind so I eventually smartened up and tapped things to the table so they wouldn't fly away (brilliant I know)

HOWEVER, about half may through the event, I guess wind didn't like that I had out smartened it with my tapping approach, soooooo..... it actually blew so hard that it made my grid fall on my back and pin me to my table..LOL. Lucky some of the vendors there and attendees rushed to my rescue and helped get it off me, which was kinda embarrassing because all I needed was to be remembered as the guy that was killed by his own paintings..LOL

My setup at the show and in the back the grid that tried to kill me

the back portion of my setup

Lucky I came out unharmed and that portion was not caught on TV so all I could do after that was laugh, because after all, it was pretty funny. Especially because the people around were  horrified and really thought I was gonna be killed.

All in all it was a fantastic time and I'm so thankful to Sarah Terrill for inviting me to participate and Cadillac fairview for having me at the event.

Here are some pics of the event, hope you enjoy. :)