ETA awards show, 3rd place award and illegal trafficking of burgers

I have to say, I had an amazing time at the ETA awards show last week, the event was held at the Palaise Royale in Toronto, the venue was beautiful and everyone's setup looked amazing!

It was great being surrounded by such amazing artists and seeing everyone's artwork, each so different one from another and everyone dressed up in 1920's attire.

I really couldn't find anything that matched the era so I just pulled together what I could to kind of blend in. What can I say, i'm more of a jeans and hoody kinda guy.

It was such an honour to be nominated for 3 of the 4 awards

  • Emerging Toronto artist
  • Creative composition
  • Technical excellence
"When you're gone"  The lovely lady that brought home the bacon that night :)

"When you're gone"

The lovely lady that brought home the bacon that night :)

And to have actually won something in any of the categories was a fantastic end to the night and I'm very happy to say that my piece "When you're gone" won 3rd place for creative composition. It was also extremely flattering to be told by one of the judges that my work actually spoke to him and he felt the emotion and meaning behind the painting, it's an incredible feeling to be told something like that and to have people understand why I painted a particular piece.

I have to say that one of the best moments of the night, was when Jaime went out to pick up McDonalds for a few of the artists at the show and myself because we were starving!!! ( Ironic I know, the whole starving artists stereotype and all, LOL) so we planned to meet him in the back of the venue in 20 mins after him leaving, it was quite an elaborate plan, we even scoped out a spot where we could sit in the dark where no one could see us and scarf down our burgers without anyone ever knowing  LOL!!

This was our escape route to the secret rendevouz spot we had setup for our culinary transaction. towards that small light post, around the bridge and behind the gate.

we managed to get back into the ballroom about 5 mins before the award announcements started which I'm really glad for because it would have been really awkward to accept an award with my mouth full and ketchup on my hands.

so all in all it was a great night and the award certificate now sits proudly in my studio.

The award money will be spent on anything the lovely winner deems fit :)

Here are some pictures of the night, hope you enjoy :)