Andrés Silvera is a contemporary mixed media artist, self-taught in an array of mediums, with a strong focus on colorful surreal portraits and monochrome portraiture in Industrial enamel and charcoal.

Andrés was born in Toronto, Canada, and Moved to Valparaiso, Chile when he was 11 which had a great impact on how he views the world and approaches each piece, drawing inspiration from human emotion, expression and life experiences.

His work ranges from colourful watercolors on hot press paper, black and white creations on canvas and a fusion of the two creating a harmonic blend of art.

His signature style consists of bold color bleeding as well as heavily layered drip and charcoal paintings using his hands, palette knifes and common household items such as toothbrushes, combs and pens.

“Each of my characters is special to me for a particular reason, a lot of times they reflect parts of me or of those around me personified into someone else. Each of them has their own personality, reason for being and story to tell and they help me express things I couldn’t normally express in words.

I rarely know exactly how I want a piece to turn out and normally let them progress on their own and be what they want to be, sometimes I think they paint themselves”

Artist statement

I have a love for human emotion and expression, for me each of my characters has their own story, personality and reason for being. They usually reflect personal experiences and feelings or those of close friends and family personified in someone else.

I rarely know exactly how I want the piece to look when finished and I like to believe that a lot of the times, they create themselves.



Curriculum Vitae

 Solo exhibitions

  • Zoë’s Café: Featured artist – Toronto, ON

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2015    Forests and Faces – Williams Mill visual arts centre, Georgetown, ON
  • 2015    Dreams and fantasies art show, Kitchener, ON
  • Raw Bold -  Virgen mobile MOD club, Toronto, ON
  • Georgetown Art day, Georgetown, ON
  • ETA:Minuit-Nuit Blanche – Nightowl, Toronto, ON
  • Reversion -  Super Wonder gallery, Toronto, ON
  • Emerging Toronto artist’s awards, Palais Royal, Toronto, ON
  • Pancakes and Booze, The opera House, Toronto, ON
  • Harvest Festival, Shops at Don Mills, Toronto, ON
  • Party of 8, Red Door gallery, Georgetown, ON
  • Brush and Sword, The Duke Live, Toronto, ON
  • November art show, H Bar, Toronto, ON
  • Private art event for Condos at Don Mills, Toronto, ON
  • Small wonders, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON
  • Holiday Market, Shops at Don Mills, Toronto, ON
  • 2016    5th Dimensional Love & Spirituality, Studio 89, Mississauga, ON
  • Absurd Amour, Gallery 345, Toronto, ON
  • The Bazaar of the Bizarre, Pia Bouman school of Ballet, Toronto, ON
  • Face and Figure, Ben Navaee gallery, Toronto, ON
  • The Super Duper show, Super wonder gallery, Toronto, ON
  • cakes and Booze, The opera House, Toronto, ON
  • Reversion, Super Wonder gallery, Toronto, ON
  • Party of 8: Spring into Summer, Williams Mill visual arts center, Georgetown, ON
  • Toronto Art crawl, Liberty Village, Toronto, ON
  • Emerging Toronto Artist: preshow, Super Wonder gallery – Toronto, ON
  • Emerging Toronto Artist: Gala of heroes, District 28 – Toronto, ON
  • BOLD:Expressions, Super Wonder gallery, Toronto, ON
  • 2016    4x4 show, #Hashtag gallery, Toronto, ON 


  • 2015         3rd Place, Creative composition, Emerging Toronto Artists Awards, Toronto, ON
  • 2016         2nd Place, Aesthetics, Emerging Toronto Artists Awards, Toronto, ON

Media & Publications

  • Feature in Mundo Das Artes Magazine, Brazil
  • Featured in Elegant magazine, Worldwide
  • X-pressions magazine, Worldwide
  • ETA Awards book
  • Interview with Rogers TV at Shops at Don Mills, Harvest Festival
  • ATitle magazine, Toronto, Canada
  • AU Series, Super Wonder Show interview
  • Emboss Magazine, Webitorial
  • Snapd, Don Mills Christmas market
  • Feature in Arts Illustrated magazine, Worldwide
  • ETA awards book

Professional Activities

  • 2016 Paint a smile, Art facilitator, Mississauga, ON